A new Madewell opened about 2 miles from my apartment last week. Obviously, I paid a visit on opening day, and I made a purchase so I could snag my free tote bag. In my current status as a freelance professional, I had to watch my spending, so I kept away from the blouses and jeans and limited myself to the accessories table. I still somehow managed to spend $100, but thats not relevant here. Anyway, something came over me, and I purchased a set of midi rings. I always liked the way midi rings look on other people a little boho, but still subtle and classy, you know?

But now I cant decide on how I like them in real life. I still think theyre cute, but Im constantly paranoid that people are wondering if I have fat fingers. Are they wondering if I couldnt find any rings in my size, so I said F it, Imma wear them ANYWAYZ? I also constantly feel in danger of losing them. I have to keep pressing them down onto my fingers, because they slip off so easily. In fact, Ive already lost one. And I think it happened while cooking, so thats kind of terrible.